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The Porricondylinae (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) of Sweden, with notes on extralimital species

Studia dipterologica. Supplement Band 20

Leseprobe_Porricondylinae (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) of Sweden (*.pdf-Datei, 365 KB)

Autoren Mathias Jaschhof & Catrin Jaschhof
Band 20
Auflage 1.
ISBN-13 978-3-932795-34-3
Erscheinungsdatum 30.05.2013
Seitenanzahl 392
Produktform Hardcover
Maße & Gewicht 24cm x 17cm, 1100g
Abbildungen 181
Sprache Englisch
Gebundener Ladenpreis (zzgl. Versand) 120,00 Euro (DE), 123,40 Euro (AT)
Lieferbarkeitsstatus lieferbar



This revision summarizes the results of four years of taxonomic and faunistic research into the Porricondylinae of Sweden. Porricondylinae are a little-sutdied, globally distributed group of forest-dwelling Diptera, with several hundred named species in Europe and fewer than 30 species recorded in Sweden prior to this study. The present inventory shows 206 species and 53 general of Porricondylinae to occur in Sweden, including 57 species and 10 genera new to science. Male genitalia and other adult morphological structures of taxonomic significance are illustrated for almost all species. Other indentification tools, such as keys and diagnoses, are provided for tribes, genera and species. The conceptions of supraspecific taxa are outlined in a historical context. Revision work takes account of taxa from all the Holarctic region, resulting in 81 new synonyms and 49 new combinations. Based on actual specimens adult morphology of Porricondylinae is reexamined and characters observed are analyzed in terms of phylogeny. A new classification is proposed that eliminates the traditional, paraphyletic Porricondylinae, instead favoring two large subdivisions, Winnertziinae and Porricondylinae sensu stricto.